Taiwan Nature

Taiwan's 36,000 square kilometers holds a population of 23 million people, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world, It is also known for its rapid industrialization in the early 1960's and now the high tech industry.

Often overlooked is Taiwan's stunning geographic features and spectacular biodiversity.

Taiwan stretches to 394km and at the widest is only 144km, but on this thin slice of land, there are over 250 peaks over 3,000 meters ...

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Misty Sunrise near Yu Shan East Peak Taiwan Nature
Misty sunrise on hike to Jade Mountain’s East Peak
Caoshan Moonworld Tainan 01 Taiwan Nature
The sun rises over Caoshan Moonworld Badlands
Sunrise Near East Peak Yushan Taiwan Nature
A panoramic stitch of a sunrise seen while hiking to Taiwan’s Yushan East Peak
Mullers Barbet bird Megalaima Oorti Flame Tree Delonix Regia Taiwan Nature
A Muller’s Barbet (Megalaima Oorti), a common but colorful bird, rests on a flowering Flame Tree (Delonix Regia) branch in Tainan City, Taiwan
Caoshan Moonworld Tainan 02 Taiwan Nature
Misty bamboo hills in the Caoshan Moon world Badlands
Large fruit Mucuna flower 01 Taiwan Nature
Rusty-leaf Muunai Flower in Namasia , Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Caoshan Moonworld Tainan 04 Taiwan Nature

The sun rises over a misty thorny bamboo forest in Tainan Moonworld

Bamboo Taiwan Nature
Jade Mountain East Peak Taiwan Nature
Sunrise en route to Yushan South Peak


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