Tainan’s Old Lin Department Store (林百貨)

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Hayashi Hyakkaten

One of Tainan’s few remaining Shinto shrines sits atop the Japanese era Hayashi Hyakkaten.

I was fortunate to get a sneak preview of Hayashi Hyakkaten, commonly called Lin Department Store (林百貨), a Japanese era department store which, sadly, saw very little commerce since its heydey in the 1930’s.

Hayashi HyakkatenShortly after opening in 1932, the Pacific War in 1941 soon brought financial hardship then closure to the elegant, Japanese run store.

Hayashi Hyakkaten

The spacious fourth floor of the Old Lin Department Store

Damaged during the war, the building changed ownership many times but never regained its former glory. Presently, the city government’s renovations are nearing completion and the beautifully restored building will serve as a culture showcase of some sort.

Hayashi Hyakkaten

Sun streams in through the wood frame window panes of Old Lin Department Store,

Besides the amazing architecture, the building’s claim to fame is its elevator. It is the first elevator to be built in Tainan, the second in Taiwan (by a matter of days) and now the oldest existing elevator in Taiwan. The elevator has been restored and some of the work was overseen by one of the original contractors, now 100 years old!

Hayashi Hyakkaten

The Old Lin Department Store elevator door

Lin Department store is on the corner of Zhongyi and Zhongzheng Roads — once the poshest shopping district in Tainan.

Hayashi Hyakkaten

View of Zhongzheng Road, the Land Bank and the distant Far Eastern Tower Building seen from the roof of Lin Bai Huo.

Lin Department Store:  No. 63, Section 2, Zhōngyì Rd, Zhongxi District, Tainan City, 700 (忠義路二段63號)

Hayashi Hyakkaten

Stairs in the Old Lin Department Store





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