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Greetings! This is my new blog. My old site is Lief in Taiwan. I have decided to move to a new domain for several reasons, foremost because only my friends really understood the title ‘Lief in Taiwan’ and I really just confused most people who were looking for Rich J Matheson. I chose the domain ‘The Taiwan Photographer’ because I am the only photographer in Taiwan… just kidding,  far from it. In fact there’s a whole mess of amazing photographers here in Taiwan and I have to try all the harder to get people to find my photos.

Eighth Akau Mazu's Cup Divine Guardian and Sacred Officer Competition, Pingtung,

Come to my new site, or else! -- A stunning Guanjiang Shou prepares for competition in Pingtung

I chose The Taiwan Photographer on the advice of my new blogging guru who thinks it will help my SEO. And that is what it is all about — getting people to my site. I hope I can put up enough interesting photos and content about Taiwan to hold your interest. It is bare bones now, but as I slowly add new content and bring over updated content from my old blog,  it should grow into a reasonable resource for Taiwan information, especially temple culture here in southern Taiwan. Your feedback will keep me on the right track, so please post any comment below!

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